macOS app need virtual drive , iOS

We need Update for icedrive version on mac , support virtual drive .
I used webdav , slowly and not working perfectly.

I have lifetime plan but not using icedrive everyday :broken_heart:

Don’t forget iOS app , need more update like:
Files request and user interface improvements


As a workaround I use MountainDuck to mount IceDrive’s WebDAV path as a virtual drive.

However this only works when all the filename is all in alphabet - file names include multi byte language characters won’t appear. :frowning:

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If it helps the developers of IceDrive: You could use macFUSE. It lets you use FUSE filesystems on macOS. With FUSE you can create a filesystem that connects to your cloud and mount it as a native drive. For example someone used FUSE to mount your google drive on linux: GitHub - astrada/google-drive-ocamlfuse: FUSE filesystem over Google Drive

MacOS app is in the pipeline, along with other things.

It wont be a virtual drive however, We will reveal more soon - But we are planning to move away from that method

iOS needs a big update which we will undertake very soon :+1:

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I just published a user-guide on how to mount IceDrive as a virtual drive on macOS and Linux without the need to pay for Mountain Duck. If you want to dive deeper, you can read it here.


Let’s hope that pipeline doesn’t get blown up.


That would be a nice feature.

Hey @nlz welcome to the community!

Please bear with us, a new app for MacOS is definitely in the works.

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Hi Jimmy8

When you say “we plan to move away from that methode” does it mean that as a team you plan to move away from drive mounting option for all OS ie Windows included? I hope that is not the case as I find the drive mount option very convenient and practical.


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Hey @D4n1 We hear you! We’re looking at all options and what works best for everyone. We will have more news to share on all this soon.

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I really hope you are looking into implementing the File Provider API in your macOS integration!

Really hope macOS Finder integration gets added!
Can anyone from the team give us an update on when it might happen?

I have just bought LTD deal but I am not a Windows user. I hope you will deliver a good experience for both these platforms. Please provide us with a good cross platform application. Any update would be appreciated.

Hi, any news on when the virtual drive for iOS is coming? :slight_smile:

agree the mounting facility is nice to have