Linux support

I have decided to move from Windows to Linux on my personal computer and unfortunately Linux support is very limited.

There is indeed a version of the portable app, but there is no mounted drive, or sync app, which seriously lowers the experience.

I know there is WebDAV available, but it works very very slow.

Apparently it is also not possible to use bisync from rclone because of issues with time records…

Is there a “sync” app in the roadmap? Otherwise, icedrive is not really a good solution for the linux (and there are not that many available, so this is actually a niche market)

As a work-around, I just published a user-guide on how to mount IceDrive as a virtual drive on macOS and Linux using rclone. If you want to dive deeper, you can read it here.

Why do you want a sync-app? I use the Icedrive AppImage and it works perfectly, even opens a native file editor by default.

Great workaround, that cache bit is going to work wonders, I believe.

will try it later today


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I have 75% of my 1Tb occupied, with many (too many, I know) pictures and videos.

In my workflow, I need to be able to have a local folder, where I can edit photos, and later have them synchronized.

The Appimage is ok, but I can’t tell any other programs (picture editor) to look at the appimaage, I need either a mounted drive (which is too slow under webdav), or a sync folder, where I make changes locally that get synced to the cloud.

It seems the previous reply will help me, with a cached mounted drive.

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We hear you on this. We know our current support for Linux users is limited but our dev team are aware of this and are working to resolve asap.

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