KYC required for Cloud ? Icedrive too?

It looks like KYC is going to be required by the US government (we know KYC, Know Your Customer, from financial institutions only )

Will Icedrive implement this too ?


This is the root problem with centralized services. As governments become more autocratic, they can impose new, unsavory rules on centralized service providers, incrementally eroding citizens’ rights. The future must be decentralized (no central entity to attack) and trustless (zero-knowledge, end-to-end-encryption AUTOMATICALLY). It’s the only way to secure fundamental human rights in technology. This is also why payment methods not linked to individual identity must become standardized. Failing to address these issues will mean no privacy for otherwise law-abiding citizens.

Icedrive staff, please let us know your intentions in this regard so your clients can consider what to do next.