Is auto upload reliable?

Hi all,

I turned on the option to auto upload pictures and videos on my android phone. I tried taking some pictures and videos to test, but only 4 out of 7 items were uploaded to the cloud. I have waited for quite a while, but none of 3 remaining items were being uploaded. Then I took another picture (the 8th) and this one immediately got uploaded to the cloud, so it bypassed the 3 older remaining items.

This does not seem very reliable if you want all of your images to upload to the cloud. Are there any conditions by which items get auto-uploaded?

Thanks very much :slight_smile:

Hi @Skiwi

Would you mind submitting the diagnostic data? You can do this by clicking “help” on the application then click “Submit diagnostic data” at the bottom. This will then be forwarded to our technical team to take a look at.

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No. Absolutely not. The answer to the question in the subject line is: NO. You can submit a log as requested. It will not help you. Unless it contains something other than what countless other users have submitted in the nearly 3 years I’ve been using the service. Just use something else for that function and cut your losses. Otherwise, madness lies ahead. I’ve just saved hours of your life. You’re welcome.


Hi @Tom, Thanks for your reply. I submitted the diagnostic data with the question.

@tambo hmm okay, that’s what I figured. Not something to rely on. Thanks for the confirmation.

I hope it will be fixed soon, because otherwise the feature is just dead wood. Might actually be better to remove the feature until it works if it causes so much trouble for the users. It’s no joke for the developers either with all the tickets they would have to look at. Been there, it’s really no fun.

Love the service so far though :slight_smile:
I really hope it will grow further, there’s much potential!


Submitting the apps diagnostic data has only been possible for the past 10 months. This allows our development team to accurately pinpoint the users issue for a quicker resolution.

Haha, OK, caught me. I didn’t know how long the diagnostic data feature has been available, nor do I have any idea how many users have actually reported this.

More accurately, speaking to my own experience, the “auto upload” feature on Android has been unreliable for the entire 3ish years I’ve been with Icedrive. When I first started using Icedrive I tested it, found it barely useable, didn’t bother to troubleshoot, and stuck with Google photos. A few years later, I revisited the app it thinking it must have improved. It hadn’t. At that time, I did submit a diagnostic log, and you guys did respond quickly and professionally as always – I thank you for that. However, nothing came of it. Part of the response was just that the way it works is just how it’s intended to work, and the difficulties I was having were not specifically bugs but just … absent features? Picking apart the diagnostic log found a minor issue that explained part of the behavior but didn’t really account for the whole of the auto-upload experience being totally unreliable, as it has been for 3 years in my experience. My experience is identical to the OP.

I have tried the android app on different phones, on different networks, submitted a ticket, did all the right things, and the performance is about the same. If I leave the app running long enough, toggle the “uploads only over wifi” option a few times, and the stars are just right, I can usually count on all my photos being uploaded… eventually. Within a day maybe. Maybe. But sometimes some of them just… don’t.

I tried the iphone app on two of my wife’s phones and the auto upload functionality there is more of a joke. There are numerous posts in the community about this and the answer is alternatively “There are known bugs and an update is coming” (which, to my knowledge, still has not fixed the issues over the course of 3 years) or “Please submit a log.”

I can dig that the diagnostic data allows your dev team to “accurately pinpoint the users issue for a quicker resolution.” But this assumes the issue is on the user’s side. My experience with multiple devices, networks, support tickets, and reading posts here indicates that most of the problems are with the app itself. I’d like to see more direct and frequent acknowledgement of this from Icedrive staff rather than just prompting users to submit diagnostic data. I understand that’s part of the process, but it isn’t clear to me if the team is treating each of these submissions as a separate, user-centric issue or if you’re garnering from this data the fact that many users are experiencing similar issues and that the “auto upload” feature on Android and iOS is sorely in need of some TLC. And if the team is aware of these problems and acknowledges them on the app side, it would really restore some faith to see more specific details of what problems are identified and what the proposed fixes are, and when to expect them. I’m not alone in asking for this and people in other posts on this community have been quite patient in asking for this and waiting for updates that have not come.


Good evening,

I am a new Icedrive user.
I apologize in advance, using translation tools the words may not be accurate.
Regarding the Android App, the uploads are actually random, if I take four photos in the morning, for example, two will appear in the evening, and the other two the next morning. I heard “refreshed” of course. This is actually the rather strange point of this application. On the other hand, the interface is really nice, and the image previews are really great! You really have to keep that.
In recent days I have also been able to realize the support. Tom was really very patient, and the answers relevant. The answers on how the cloud works are precise and honest.
I don’t forget that Icedrive is a small team. But all the big names started with a small team. What is achieved is already very interesting, and I find the interface much less “messy” than the other competitor offering lifetime plans. There is a care of the finish and the simplicity.
I hope that the interfaces will be translated into other languages because my wife speaks very little English.
I understand that after three years we are more demanding than me new users… But when we know the bugs in Microsoft office which are still not corrected, while here we are dealing with a multinational… …The frankness and the quality of the exchange with Tom convinced me, after reflection, to take a plan for life. We will see.

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Also a new user myself and had just posted a thread asking for help with exactly the same behaviour.

It’s not a dealbreaker but it would have been lovely if this feature worked consistently.

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Yeah, ditto. My best suggestion, and what I do, is use a tool like syncthing or resilio to sync phone to pc, then set up a one-way read only sync from pc to icedrive for my DCIM folder. Not sure how wise it is to have both apps simultaneously working on files in that directory, but I think as long as one is read-only it shouldn’t cause a problem. Works great on my end so far.

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