iPhone 13 Icedrive mobile app auto upload issues

Hi Icedrive community,
Is there anyone else that have issues with auto upload on iPhone 13 for pictures?

I created a ticket Y6Q5OH44 which was automatically closed by Icedrive without notice about why they closed the ticket.

If someone have the same problem as I have how did you resolve it?
If Icedrive belives that this issue is fixed, let me know what the solution was!

Thanks in advance!

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Hey @mattlund welcome to the community! Our dev team are working on a number of known bug fixes for both our mobile apps including issues with our auto-upload feature to be released in the near future. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Is there a roadmap that is linked to a timeplan so Icedrive community can see when we can expect things to materialise?

We don’t have a roadmap available just yet but one will be available as soon as possible.

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I have one remark for this.
Since iOS16, the auto upload changed the name of the iPhone.

For example
My iPhone’s name is ‘iPhone RPX’. After installing iOS16, Icedrive created a new folder into the ‘Auto Upload’ folder with the name ‘iPhone’ only. The ‘RPX’ was gone. Icedrive ignored the ‘iPhone RPX’ and started all over again in the new ‘iPhone’ folder. A problem when you have more then one iPhone!

Best regards,

Hey @RPX thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll make sure our dev team see your feedback.

Yes, i do and I gave up. The app didn’t receive any update since 11 Month. Hopefully they bring some fix.

I can confirm that after upgrade of iPhone 13 to iOS 16.1.1 then the icedrive auto upload starts to work. I see the same behaviour as @RPX explains above in this thread.

Please update us on the road map to fix these issues.


Any news about this? Issue with the phone name?
At the moment, Apple did 3 updates. iOS16.3


We’ve implemented a log system now so if you have any issues using the auto-upload function please submit the diagnostic log by going the “More” button at the bottom (with three dots). Then Help then Submit diagnostic log. Once we have the log, we can take a look at what may be causing the issue.

I have iOS 16.5 and the same issue with auto upload of pic and movies.
No response from support.

The first time I switch it ON all multimedia were uploaded but none of the new ones was automatically upload.

Have you submitted a diagnostic log with a description of the issue you’re experiencing?