[iOS] Update v1.5.0

iOS update v1.5.0 is now available. Please see the changes and improvements below.

  • Collaboration support - switch “Editor” checkbox ON to grant read/write permission to shared item.

  • The application now allows you to store the encryption key (not the passphrase!) on the device for faster access.

  • Live Photos - upload live photos along with media you upload via “+” menu button and auto upload. “Request Account Closure” option also added.

  • On iOS 14 and up - using system-provided full-featured photo picker (on “+” → “Upload media”)

  • Video and audio player updated, UI design & behavior improved, new media framework for video playback with less buffering and more video formats now supported!

  • Transfer Manager - which is displayed on “Uploading X of N items” bar tap, is now showing thumbnails of all the items in queue. (not just the ones which are currently uploading)

  • Added Community and “Submit Diagnostic Data” items to Help area.

  • Auto upload greatly improved, please make sure its enabled in Settings and that the app is actually running in background or foreground. Auto upload will not be possible if the application is not running.

  • Persistent upload queue, even on app crash or exit. Queue will remain on restart.

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements