iOS App improvements

First I gotta say, I love your service and I’m using it everyday.
Since I’m using it almost all the time from my iPhone and iPad, I’d really like to see a few improvements to be made on the iOS app.

  1. as already mentioned unlocking the app via Face ID and Touch ID would be nice

  2. I‘d really love to see a custom folder upload location for the automatic photo sync, currently I’m manually uploading every photo that I take to its location

  3. better support for HEIC photos in the app.
    Sometimes when I open a photo in the app it won‘t display, the screen just stays black.

  4. overall design update of the app, the UI reflects the iOS design policy 2-3 years ago.
    I feel like the iOS app has been left out from any improvements and changes.

HI @Pete1612 appreciate the feedback. Agreed it could do with a facelift. I will pass your suggestions on to the dev team who are currently working on a significant update for it.

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Thanks for the Info @Tom !
If you need any beta testers for the app on iOS and iPad OS, I’ll be happy to help

Any news on the update?