Increasr Sync Pairs to No Limit

Please confirm the limit on sync pairs (15) and when will you increase to no limit. It is the best model to maintain space within redtricted limts.

This has been requested multiple times but no action. When?

How do we get the Board of IceDrive to start holding management accountable tp make ugrades to a tool that can be highy rated. Currently, it just meets the mark.

Others thought on upgrades and new functionality you have sern?

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The current limit to sync pairs is 15 however this does not mean 15 folders but sync pairings so you can have unlimited amounts of folders within that sync pair.

A number of upgrades and functionalities are planned, starting with the all new drive mounted app which will be available for Windows, Linux and MacOS. The new drive app will also include an all new sync feature which has also been built from the ground up and will work differently to the current process.

We recommend keeping an eye out on our community pages for more updates on this.

Yes, it is well understood a single synch pair can synch 10,000 files across 1,000 folders depending on how you set up the pair. But having no limitations on Icedrive apps part would avoid me having to reconstruct some of my current folder structure.

Folder structure is always an afterthought in hindsight that maybe I should have put those folders under that folder structure because of xxxx. I have the same thought process to go with my Synology NAS when I am doing backup across volumes give how Synology requires you to setup your backup strategy.

I really hope to see some major functionality change in structure. However, I truly, truly wish that Icedrive was more transparent with Users in seeking feedback on proposed approaches and models for how they plan to architect their product.

Icedrive could be that great company if they were to use this community to seek feedback and thoughts going into their development and get really serious with either monthly or quarterly releases of basic and user based feature enhancements.

We as users what you to achieve greatness because it benefits ALL of us in the end.

Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the additional feedback, I will forward onto our development team