In web app, what does the 'Encryption' function do?

When running the web interface, there are commands on the left window pain available. One of they is ‘Encryption’. When I click on it I get a dialog box to create my passphrase. What does this do? I understand encryption, but I’m unclear about what this specific button the menu and passphrase applies to.

If I haven’t yet created a passphrase, does this mean that my data sent has not been encrypted? Or does this feature/option allow me to encrypt files already on the icedrive system?

Also, IMPORTANT request for IceDrive. Please create a help document that shows all of the screens for both web and desktop apps and explains the feature of each option. Most are self explanatory but not having a single place to find all of the screens and explanations for each option is a problem. It means users may not know what all the features do, or they don’t take advantage of them because they don’t know what they are.

Thank you.

Hey @F1-Guy welcome to the community! Our encryption section works as a separate standalone section where any file that is uploaded here is encrypted zero-knowledge. Zero-knowledge encryption works by firstly encrypting the data locally on your device before uploading to the cloud meaning only you could ever access those files. The encryption passphrase that you set when trying to access is your gateway to access this section and your encrypted files. Until you set this passphrase you cannot access the encrypted section of Icedrive.

It’s not possible to transfer files between the normal section of Icedrive and the encrypted section as we use zero-knowledge encryption (files have to be encrypted locally before uploading).

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have anymore questions regarding our encryption service.