Image viewer shows blurry picture (and auto-upload drop outs)

I am glad that auto-upload now also uploads non camera images, albeit unclear when it happens.

First “bug”
If I make 3 screenshots in a row, it’s a gamble if all 3 will be uploaded. I had to upload some myself when they didn’t.

Second bug
When I open an image in the viewer, at first it is blurry. Zooming in, it is still blurry. Once I have zoomed at maximum level and then zoom back out, it is finally a crisp and sharp image. Why is that? Does the viewer intentionally show an image at lower resolution until you zoom in all the way? That is not acceptable.

Why have you not responded to my complaint yet?
It is very annoying to open a picture and have it blurry every time.

Thanks for the feedback. Our online previews were designed in this way as our Android app won’t download full scale images if its over 20MB on zoom in. We designed the feature in this way to prevent the risk of the app crashing due to inherent Android memory limitations. The auto-upload feature will automatically upload newly taken photos/videos (app needs to be open). Hope this helps clear up any confusion caused regarding how our app works. If you need any additional information regarding this you can submit a support ticket via Login - Icedrive or alternatively email

Huh? The pictures are less than 2MB in size, so way below 20MB.
This should not happen then, right?

Thanks for the additional information, the mobile app should download the full scale image so would you be able to test again using the app and then immediately submit a diagnostic log via the help section in the app so that our dev team take a look at what may be happening to cause this for you?