I'm trying to export a list of files in the web app (Linux - no choice)

What is says on the tin. Any help?

Huh? I’m trying to export (to .txt or .csv) a list of the files in a given folder in Icedrive using the web app.

Thanks for the additional information. It’s not possible to do this from within the web app itself. Once the files are uploaded you can either preview a file online and our conversion server will convert the file to pdf for the purpose of the online preview or you can download to your device in it’s original format. You can’t for example however export to a different file type from within the app.

Absolutely although not actually additional information, it’s an expanded version of I’m trying to export a list of files in the web app

That said, I don’t want to export to a different type of file, I want to create a new file on my computer with the information about what exists in my storage.

I have file a, file b and file c for instance. I export that information to csv and my csv says file a,file b,file c.

I don’t want to manipulate the files I want to index which files exist without manually typing out the name of each file.

As to the web app well, no choice (again already stated) as Icedrive isn’t bothering to create an app for Linux - so no auto sync, no anything except the web app and manual upload and download.

We are in the process of developing a drive mounted app for Linux and is actually already in beta testing along with our new drive apps for Windows and Mac. The sync feature to go with it is also in development and should be ready for beta testing in the near future.

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