Icedrive windows app regularly crashes <1min after start up

Anyone else having this issue and have suggestions? I sync several folders using the app. After starting the app it’s often only seconds before it crashes (closes with no obvious error messages). After reviewing the logs, Icedrive support suggested it was because of long file path names of synced files. I changed relevant settings in windows to support this and still crashes every time. Have also reinstalled the app. I’m at an impasse now. Any advice appreciated, or feedback from others who have had the same issue.

Hi @gentle_walk

We’re sorry that you are still experiencing these issues. Do you have a ticket number so I can get the technical team to take a further look into this?

Thanks for reaching out. It’s #YBRER6X9

Thanks, I have re-opened the ticket. Did you follow the instructions given by the technical team in their last reply? If so, could you reply to that ticket directly and ill forward it on to the relevant team to assist you.

Hi Tom, we’ve been communicating via email. I’ve tried everything suggested so far. Last communication from support on 19/6 asked me to zip/send the troublesome files. But I noted:

: Hello, I am syncing a lot of folders (the max number). I can’t send them because: I don’t know which ones are causing the crash, the folders have personal/confidential files in them, most of what I am syncing are folders in the GB range.

I have had this problem SEVERAL times and various integrations of the sw.
Current Version 2.72
TO DATE: there has been no solid solution (that I am aware of) shy of the new beta that supposedly will correct this issue. I am still having this issue on 2.72.
the very first time I had this issue, I did a refresh (windows 10) and IceDrive worked. the last several times it did not. I even ran the debug (2.70) version to no avail.
I am hopeful that v3 addresses this.

It’s been 6+ weeks troubleshooting this with Icedrive. No resolution yet. Some of the issues were at my end. I sourced some problematic file names that included illegal characters, that was causing some of the errors. But still having regular crashes. I’m not sure what has synced and what hasn’t.