IceDrive Temp Files storage

H there, been using IceDrive for quite a while now, and i love it compared to any other Cloud storage/backup/sync services out there.

Ok so yesterday i used my EaseUS ToDo computer backup/imaging program to run a backup image of my whole Windows partition onto my pare 512gb Crucial NVMe drive, and i do not use my current Windows drive for any storage of files, it is dedicated to Windows.

I completed the Image, and found out it was 105gb in size, usually it should be around 35gb, so immediately i knew something was wrong, so i went searching thru my C-Drive for anything that might be causing it to be that big, and as i slowly ran my cursor over every folder, including the hidden folders, i eventually discovered the IceDrive Folder hidden inside my hidden User / App Data Folder, and found it to be holding 72 gb of Temp Files, so i immediately deleted them all so it was empty.

I ran the Image again, and it ended up as 33gb, which is what it should be.

Why does IceDrive retain those Temp Files, and is there a way to have them automatically deleted on a periodical basis, because from now on, i will be taking a new image of my Windows Drive at least every fortnight to image onto my spare Crutial NVMe SSD so if my current windows drive dies or stuffs up, i can pop the spare Crutial NVMe SSD in my laptop and be back in action within a few minutes.

Have attached an image showing exactly what i found, and i wonder if any other IceDrive users are actually aware of this happening.


Hey @glenpinn welcome to the community! When uploading to the drive app it uses a temporary cache to upload. You can however go to your desktop client settings and clear this cache once uploaded and also set the cache folder limit.

Hi, thank you for reminding me of something that i already asked before to the help desk, i remember now that they told me to empty it, and set the limit, i just totally forgot.


I also stumbled on this so thank you for putting it out there. Icedrive should have already identified this is a problem. Why is Icedrive requiring the User to clean up content it created to perform the 1 time process?

Icedrive automate these functions. Where is the development team and how soon can they push an update?

Great suggestion! We are implementing much better cache management in the new version

any update on automatically clearing the temp cache- it gets huge

I have now got use to clearing the cache manually once a week using the desktop App.

Everything will be better managed in the next IceDrive version

How does a user set value, with a notification popping up asking if you want to clear the cache when it is hit sound?

Or, do you still want the automatic clearup ?

Interested to hear your feedback!

Automatic cleanup once the data is uploaded to the cloud would be ideal.