Icedrive taking focus when launching or starting to sync

I am enjoying what I can get out of the free plan Icedrive offers, so first of all thank you for developing and maintaining this service.

Here’s my concern before committing into subscribing to a paid plan.

Whenever I start the app or the sync interval timer is hit and there are new transfer to make, Icedrive burst opens and closes a small window several times in a short time, and the focus is taken into that window then lost.

Let’s say I am writing in a text editor. Suddenly a long narrow window blinks out several times, and my typing is not registered to the editor anymore. I have to manually give it back the focus so I can resume writing. It’s often an Alt+Tab, or a mouse movement and a click. Considering I have set my interval time to be 5 minutes, it means I have to do this every 5 minutes if I am constantly working on a file that is included in one of the sync pairs.

Could this be avoided in the future? For now I am only launching Icedrive when I am sure I want to save the file into the cloud, instead of keeping it running in the background.

Thanks for reading.

p.s. The OS I am using is Windows 10.

We are actually in the process of redeveloping our sync feature from the ground up and will be coming to our new drive app soon for beta testing. It will be a live sync so will working the background similar to Onedrive rather than the current interval system we have.

Chris, I hope you are retaining the scheduled features the existing client as well?

I do not want / need ‘live sync’ because I have long gaps between changes.

I also do not want anything that hooks into my OS and runs permanently when I only changes files once a day or few days.