Icedrive locking users out of our accounts after a SINGLE failed login attempt


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[If I misstype a SINGLE character in my password to log into my Icedrive account, I immediately get an error message informing me I’ve been blocked from future login attempts due to “excessive attempts.” How can a single attempt be “excessive”? Come on, ID team. You can do much better than this. Don’t log me out of accessing my own files in the name of security because of a single misstype.]

Hi @Abe

The system we have in place is to apply the 30 minute temporary block after 8 failed log in attempts. You may need to change your password as someone may be trying to log in to your account.


I doubt anyone could be trying to log into my account because no one knows I have the account. I’ve not shared this with anyone else and I never share files. For someone to try to log into my account they’d have to know I have an account or they’d have to know the email associated with the account–which is a privacy email address unique to IceDrive and otherwise never used. Besides, I had this trouble in the past and your support person informed me it was because of my use of a VPN. I got around this by switching the VPN location but now it’s happening again with the new VPN location.

If it’s related, I also cannot download any of my files on mobile anymore. This after not being able to upload any but the tiniest files on mobile–and only one at a time/per day. Does IceDrive throttle accounts? I almost never use the service anymore because of all the problems, but now I’m finding I can’t even access my own data anymore. Or reliably log in.