IceDrive iOS Folder error + upload error


iPhone 14 iOS 16.3.1
iPad Pro 3rd Gen iPad OS 16.3.1
IceDrive App Version 1.5.0


Hey IceDrive Team,

sadly I keep having issues with the IceDrive mobile app.
Whenever I try to create a folder inside the app, I get the error message on my phone and tablet „error creating the folder“ but the folder gets created anyway.
It doesn’t matter where I want to create the folder in.
Also whenever I try to upload photos or any other type of media through the IceDrive plugin in the files app, only 1-2 of all selected photos will be uploaded.
I hope you’ll fix these issues soon.



Hi @Pete1612 Would you mind heading to the navigation menu on the application, at the bottom please click on help, then click “Submit app diagnostic data”

Please also write a description of the issue at hand. One of our technical team will assist you further then once this has been sent.