IceDrive CPU Load High?

On the PC, The IceDrive process seems to be very high, when compared to other products doing same job. Is there any plans to fix this, if so when approx.?

Hey @Kernow_Dave are you able to tell us what process is running when your CPU load is high? If you’re using the drive mounted app to sync for example and there are a high number of files and folders/sub-folders for the app to scan, this can be a CPU intensive process.

With no transfers and No mounted drive, CPU for IceDrive was averaging 20%
Tested against other processes (Dropbox & and they were using 2/3’s less.

I’ve since done a restart and cleared out cache, and it’s now in par with others at approx. 2% when transferring. So no idea why all day and a few restarts itr was around 20%, but now it’s down to near normal / expected.

(Have extra question on cache but will open new thread so as not to mix it up.)