Icedrive asked for password when copying my files from Dropbox to Icedrive

I would appreciate your help with this matter.

I am testing Icedrive with the intention to upgrade. However, I am currently having this strange problem.

When I tried to copy or upload my files from Dropbox to Icedrive, Icedrive would ask: The file has properties that can’t be copied to the new location.

The files would still be uploaded to Icedrive. But in my mobile app, when I opened that file in Icedrive, there is another message: This document appears to be encrypted. Enter the password to decrypt.

So I had to enter my icedrive pass to see the file. Is there any way in the settings to remove this step?


Hey @synctest Dropbox is another cloud service and as we don’t yet have support for direct cloud to cloud migration issues could arise. We would recommend downloading to your device from Dropbox and then uploading to Icedrive. This is however something we’re looking to explore more in the future.