ICe drive needed some of the change which i have mentioned to make ice drive better product

in my experience sync should be in 1 ms latency so make 1 ms as standard

then upload and download speed must be 1gbps as standard with no bandwith restriction

all cloud in market fail in this area in multiple file and folder while deleting or syncing or downloading or uploading is slow ( these need to be improved )

and optimization to slow network and high latency network in cloud storage is poor
(so optimization for faster cloud in slow speed network and high latency network must be improved)

so these all things only make best cloud storage

if any one of the things fail also sync and backup will fail in client side so client cannot get that proper backup or sync

(and your current pricing and plan is good and please dont introduce new plan )

( but to make ice drive better you have to make this changes )

next important thing is you can build your own server it can be expensive in starting but in long run it cheaper (depending on aws, google, azure other cloud provider is always expensive )

Agree, ask IceDrive when they will implement.