I want to let Icedrive follow symlinks, but not shortcuts

Before starting using Icedrive, I had some configuration folders I used to sync outside of a designated share folder. The folders exist as symlinks inside the share folder, and I made few shortcuts in the symlinked target folders because I had to move between several folders from these folders.

I liked seeing Icedrive having an option to follow symlinks, but the problem was it will also follow shortcuts. For my case, the folders linked as a shortcut often has a lot of small files I don’t need to sync.

I wish I can separately follow symlinks or shortcuts, but not both. Could this be possible?

You can exclude a folder from syncing by creating an empty file named “.icedriveignore” inside this folder.
As a result, this folder will not be uploaded or downloaded.
You can create this file in both local and remote folders - the result will be the same.

You can exclude a file from syncing (which means no upload or download) if you create a file named “.icedriveignore.[filename]” in the same folder as the target file.
For instance, to exclude “textfile.txt” from syncing, create an empty file named “.icedriveignore.textfile.txt” in the same folder.

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That’s a pretty sweet feature. Thanks!
It would be cool if I can use wildcard like .icedriveignore.*.lnk, but as I type this out I realized wildcards are not meant to be in a filename.
Still this will help me a lot, there were some folders that updates a lot that I don’t need.

I am confused that the files I didn’t want are still being synced.
Is this perhaps available in a paid plan?

Would it be possible for you to submit a support ticket via Login - Icedrive attaching both the drive app log and any screenshots you have illustrating the issue? Our development team will then be able to take a look and investigate the issue in more detail.

Just finished submitting the ticket. I hope I provided enough.