Huge data consumption with auto upload camera data on android

On Samsung Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F)
Android 8.0.0
Icedrive : I don’t know how to get the version number

The data consumption of the “auto upload” is unreasonably high

Config: Auto upload with “Camera photos” and “camera videos”, not the other ones.
My camera (DCIM) folder, with nothing deleted since icedrive is installed is 400 Mo when I notice the problem.
The background data usage of Icedrive is 19.8 Go !

I have screenshots of the three corresponding screens if needed.

The only solution for now is to deactivate Auto Upload.

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I have the same inconvenience.
It doesn’t just upload the camera, or DCIM folder, but every media in the phone, regardless of the settings.
The app version is 2.6.5 on Android 13.

I also tested this with an Android 8.1 device and 7.0, with same results.

Auto upload is not working properly. If I have multiple images in succession, it will only do a couple of them. The rest I have to upload by hand. :smirk:
My other cloud drive does this without issues.