How to use the iPhone app?


Where is the user guide for the iPhone app? I am trying to figure out how to add my moms photos to my own Ice Drive account. I have looked around. I could not locate any user guides on the Mobile & Tablet Cloud Storage & Backup Apps - Icedrive and I have also looked around the community forums.

It would be great if people who have used the iPhone app could add some advice on how to use it. Thanks!

@paaljoachim Have your moms photos in your ‘camera roll’ on your iPhone, Go to ‘more’ & then ‘settings’ tab within your Ice Drive app and switch on your required feature. Hope this helps :wink:

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Hi @Binary0s1s

Wow that was easy when one first understands how to do so.
I hope the Icedrive team can add this simple instruction to the app page so others can more quickly understand how to sync the phone app (iPhone or Android) to Icedrive.

Thank you very much for your help!

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My experience.
Clicking the 3 dot more option bottom left and then clicking settings worked nicely. Selecting the option to auto upload images and video was easy to understand.
It began uploading moms 512 pictures (I decided to wait with the videos). I touched the iPhone screen on occasion for it to continue uploading, or else it would just go black into standby mode and stop uploading. I began the process and then checked from a computer. An Auto Upload folder and inside it a iPhone folder was seen initially I noticed all the images upload into one folder and wondered if it was possible to add by date. I checked the iPhone settings and noticed a Date toggle which I turned on. Images that were uploaded after I switched the date toggle were added into folders containing a date. I decided to cancel the upload from moms iPhone and delete the iPhone folder from Icedrive and start the process again to make sure all the images were added into date folders.

Along the way I also installed Icedrive onto moms iPad and opened it up to begin the process of uploading images and video from there. The uploading count was seen for a very brief moment on the iPad (older model perhaps 5 years old) before the blue bar upload count went away and was not seen.

Back with the iPhone. I noticed that for whatever reason that the image upload stopped at 312 images this time and did not want to continue.

I am not sure what to do when only 312 of the 512 images are uploaded. If there is somekind of continue button, or if I need to cancel. I then click to upload again. I will explore this aspect tomorrow.

Icedrive works well on my Macbook Pro (I just need to keep the app I installed closed or else I believe it will download everything that is uploaded to the Icedrive cloud.)

Icedrive works well on my dads old Windows 10 Lenovo computer. I am not sure if all the files in the cloud are downloaded to my dads computer…

iPhone and iPad I will continue with tomorrow.
One thing I missed was having a total number for all the images inside the iPhone folder. As it lists the number of folders, and it would also be helpful to list the number of images. Gaining a quick overview of amount of folders (date) and the amount of images all the folders together contain…

My experience after a few days using the iPhone app.
Initially not all the images were uploaded. I had to open the app a few times and suddenly it would continue to upload. Rather it seemed that that the upload started over again. I lost count knowing if all of the images had been uploaded or not. I also uploaded the video folder material. The videos were uploaded into the Auto Upload folder inside the iPhone folder into the dated image folders. Likely mixed in with the images date folders. It would be better to have an iPhone image folder and another for videos. Both dated.

I also noticed that the dated folder were not in the correct order.
Because of the alphabetical order D came before N, O and S.
It would be nice to get these in the correct date order as it would visually be easier to get an overview.

Bottom line. I am so grateful for the iPhone app, as I got to test that out on my moms iPhone.

The iPad app.
The app was installed and I logged into My Icedrive account.
Uploaded the images and videos, but forgot to toggle on the Auto-organize by date.
I checked out the Auto upload folder but there was no iPad folder next to the iPhone folder.

Aha! I had to refresh My Icedrive. The latest image I just took as a test on the iPad had uploaded. No other images or videos had uploaded to the iPad folder.

I looked into the iPhone folder and compared a few images to the images on the iPad and found out that the iPad images had uploaded to the iPhone folder.

My conclusion.
When date is not turned on in the iPad app then the upload of images and videos will be added to the iPad folder if there is one.

From the looks of it the iPone and iPad Ice Drive app is not syncing the latest images and videos. I noticed it synced up to 2nd of December 2022. Anything after that I have not been able to sync. I do not know why.