How to use Auto upload of photos

Hi all, I’m a newbie so sorry for the dumb question. I’m ‘transitioning’ (not like that) from Pcloud where auto upload of photos from my android phone worked well. How is this set up in Icedrive (assuming this is possible)?
Thanks in advance

Hey @Tassiegray welcome to the community! If you’re using our Android app you simply need to select the auto-upload function in your settings and it will automatically upload any newly taken photos/videos from your camera roll. The app does need to be open though to upload.

Hope this helps.

I have mentioned it before. Could you allow user to pick other media folders as well?

Thanks all, the problem seemed to be that I was using google
Camera as an alterative to the camera app that comes with GrapheneOS, it now works fine. Graphene OS does things a little different and can be less convenient but its a small price for greater privacy and security.

@Chris - I was about to raise a post about auto-uploads via the Android App, but thought it was relevant to this thread, so am continuing it.

On a previous version of the Android App it would show a progress bar of files that were auto-uploading from my phone to IceDrive. This doesn’t seem to happen for me anymore and I was wondering whether this an issue on my side, a bug, or whether the feature was removed?

I found this feature pretty useful, as it was good to know whether IceDrive had managed to auto-upload files or not. Currently, it doesn’t even tell me if there was a failure and I have double-check that it actually completed or even worked.

If this is a bug, feel free to reply and I will create a support ticket instead.


Slightly of topic but I’m not thrilled about the way uploaded photos at all separated into folders by date. I prefer the way most gallery apps sort by date in one gallery that can be scrolled to and fro. pcloud does this.