How to upload 1 TB file

Good morning,

I’m not sure this is a bug per say but I’m trying to upload a 1TB file. I’m using the latest windows client (I’m not sure where it says a version) but I guess it requires me to have local free space of 1TB first whereas I want to upload from a network-mounted drive. I get an error message saying that there is no space for my 1TB file even though my free space is 9.3TB.

I also tried uploading through the web interface and that works at the beginning but after a while the session times out so the transfer stops.

I have a synology NAS and have used Icedrive’s webdav in the past, but it was slow and unstable. If anyone knows of another way that’d be great too.

How would I upload a 1TB file without 1TB of free local HDD space?

Thank you

Our drive mounted app utilises temporary local cache space in order to facilitate the upload so if you’re seeing this message either there is not sufficient local storage space or insufficient cache space. If this is the case you may need to clear your cache via the desktop client settings.

So there is no way for me to upload a 1TB file without having 1TB of local space, correct?

If you’re using the drive mounted app/desktop client for Windows you would need an equal amount of local storage for the temporary cache yes. If you don’t have sufficient local storage for this we would recommend either using the web app or portable app.

Understood thank you. I wonder then if there is a way to increase or remove the timeout in the web interface? It times out and stops the transfer.