How to Select a File\Folder so it is added to Favorites?

How does Favorites work? I see there is a folder on both the Webapp and in the Mobile App. However, I cannot find an option to select a folder or file and mark the folder or file as “favorite” so it shows in the Favorites folder as a “link” to the original file content.

I am hoping it works this way as I want to keep the folder and file in its original structure as it is on my PC. Once a folder or file is “selected” it shows as a “link” (file or folder marked with some icon) and points to the original folder or file. I am assuming anything you perform (add, delete, change) to that file\folder will reflect in the “original” version?

There is no documentation in Icedrive (another plug for the community needs documentation) regarding how to use, setup, etc. Help!

Anyone using this feature? Is there a moderator who can answer the question?

Thanks for replying. First of all I think you have clarified it is not available on the desktop application (Windows). That is a bummer.

Ok, so I went back to the IceDrive app, signed into my encrypted file content and looked over all and I could not find anything that says “Favorites.” I assumed it must be available only at the file level and not at the folder level. Again, no “Favorites.” I then clicked on “properties” and there is nothing there. I walked away giving up.

I then decided to look at the non-encrypted content and I found “Add to Favorites” after clicking on the 3 eclipses. However, that does not meet my needs. I want to add folders and files from my encrypted content. I assumed after I had marked an encrypted file or folder it would show that encrypted file or folder until such time the App is locked. I also assumed within the app you could go to Favorites and it would just show a statement of sorts like “Click Here to Unencrypt Your Favorite Folders or Files” when the encrypted content has not been unlocked.

I would really like to be able to unencrypt my content and go straight to the Folders\Files in favorites without having to scroll through all of the Folders\Files to get to what I want to see every time I login. Why is favorites not available for encrypted Folders\Files?

Most importantly, someone needs to write documentation as it would have been very helpful and saved me a lot of time discovering:

  • Feature is not available to mark folders\files on the desktop application (bummer)
  • Feature is not available for folders\files in the encrypted container in IceDrive (bummer)