How to make Thunderbird FileLink work with Icedrive

I am half way to making Thunderbird FileLink work on Icedrive but I am stuck on the second half of the task. Filelink is a Thunderbird add-on for automatically uploading large email attachments to cloud storage (eg. Icedrive), and inserting a link in the email for the recipient to download the attachment (the large file). The large attachment is uploaded to Icedrive using WebDav. This works. The upload folder is shared as public. My problem is that the file in that folder can not be addressed with a URL. A URL of the form [public link to folder]/[filename] does not work with Icedrive. This is the URL that Filelink puts in the email to retrieve the file. Any ideas for making this work?

Our implementation of WebDAV wasn’t designed to work in this way unfortunately so there isn’t anything we can suggest regarding a third party application’s interaction with our WebDAV. If you do have any feedback however on the testing you’ve done as above please let us know and I will forward onto our development team for further investigation/consideration potentially for a future update.

Hi Chris, Let me clarify the problem. WebDAV works fine for this application. The file is uploaded with WebDAV to a public folder on IceDrive which has a public share set on it. The problem is that the folder public share only permits browsing the contents. It does not allow direct addressing to the files it contains. I need to access the mail attachment file with a url like: [public folder url]/[file name]. An example file url is

Note that pCloud has a feature like this. Each user has a Public Folder where the contents can be addressed with a URL address. This folder can be used for website media, or in my case, for email attachments. This would be a welcome IceDrive improvement.

Thanks or the additional feedback, I’ll forward onto our development team for consideration in a future update.