How to delete a file or a number of files

I am using icedrive for the first. Don’t really understand much, but have tried.
I have created a folder on icedrive (modules) and added about 26 other folders with files inside modules folder. I have sent the sync from my computer to icedrive. So my computer (drive ‘i:’ is my sync folder) should be the one who makes changes, such as deleting or adding files to the sub folder. I hope I am right about that. I have tried to set the delete function correctly in icedrive but it is not working. If I delete a file in folder i, it is not deleten on the icedrive folder. And if I look later the files are back, not deleted. Sorry but I do have something wrong, maybe can someone look at my account or give me some tips. What planned to do is this. 1) create a folder on ice drive 2) fill the folder with other folders containing files ; ok to here; 3) be able to delete files from the folders on icedrive and my computer. Adding files looks OK. Help! I am lost

No answer. A short description to my problem is:

I need to delete files from folders in my Icedrive site.
I can delete them on my computer icedrive (I:) but do not delete those on the web.
And they come back onto Drive I:

I cannot find a way to delete them on my icedrive on the web, funny but it appears not to be easy to delete them.

Please help!
Thanks Earl

Would it be possible for you to submit a support ticket and a member of our development team will be in touch as soon as possible to assist?

Have you set up the sync pair 1-way to cloud or local? Could you screenshot how you have set up your sync deletion policy in your desktop client settings?

Yes sure I could submit a support ticket, I will first try to answer you questions and then submit the ticket, if necessary; maybe your questions and my anwers will solve my problem.

I had or have set the sync to the local folder, that way when I need to delete an object on the web it will not be seen by my follwers. So thought that will work, but
don’t know if the sync is working.

Here are the sync setup, thanks Chris