How is icedrive financial performance and future growth?

I am a lifetime subscriber for almost 3 years. Since you guys are my source of online storage, Im just wondering how do you guys doing? Are you actually making money? I have seen so many cloud storage provider not able to sustain their existing. I really hope you guys with me forever.
I hate moving my huge files if anything happen to you guys!

Care to share the company future planning?


Hey @Soul welcome to the community! Rest assured we’re not going anywhere. Our future is bright and we’re looking to add more features and services in the near future.


Glad to hear. IceDrive is truly one of my favourite cloud providers.

It just seems like the team is still quite small for now…

I believe they are going with organic growth of the company, which is the most efficient way financially for both the consumer and the company. :slightly_smiling_face: