How can I check if everything uploaded successfully

When I upload a large folder to the cloud I typically find that not everything uploaded when it says it’s complete. Sometimes there’s huge chunks missing, other times more insiduously it’s only a few files.
When I uploaded a large folder of many GB to IceDrive and it “completed” I found that the largest folder did not upload at all, which I am uploading. However, how can I make sure that every file in all the folders are uploaded?


Hey @redwood depending on the app you’re using you can see either by clicking the status circle in the bottom right when uploading via the web app or the transfers tab when using the drive app/desktop client. We’re actually in the process of beta testing our brand new drive app/desktop client and one of the new features of the app is if there are any upload failures for any reason such as disruption to the internet etc. the app will tell you which file failed and there’s a button next to the file in question to simply retry the upload. Check out the link below for more details;