How Can Access to Thumbnail URLs in icedrive be Restricted to Prevent Security Risks


I’m inquiring about the possibility of restricting access to the thumbnail URL on icedrive. Here’s the situation:

  1. Access the dashboard on a PC, and open the image displayed.
  2. Right-click on the image to identify the URL of the thumbnail.
  3. Copy the URL and open it with another browser.

I’ve noticed that the image can be opened even when not logged into icedrive.

Is this considered a security problem? Are there any countermeasures available to prevent unauthorized access?

Thank you for your assistance.

I didn’t believe that this was possible when I first read your post but after checking for myself I can not only confirm your findings but also say this: the same thing works with the full image and every video can be downloaded with the URL alone.

Probably information that every IceDrive user should know, I do believe the risk to be low though since other providers like Google Drive do the same thing.