HEIC / HEIF no preview in Windows Explorer

HEIC / HEIF no preview in mounted folder / Windows file explorer.

[Icedrive for Windows] [2.72]
[Windows 11 Pro, 10.0.22621 Build 22621]


[Pictures uploaded by Iphone in the original HEIC / HEIF format can be viewed in the icedrive app but preview in Windows file Explorer does not work. Once the picture is copied from the mounted folder to a local folder the preview shows fine]

Hey @Tommy thanks for the feedback regarding HEIC / HEIF previews. There’s no Microsoft-provided preview app for images in HEIC format so would you be able to tell us which third party viewer you’re using?

Hi @Chris ,

Yes there ist a Codec from Microsoft.

Alternatively there ist f.e. Copytrans HEIC for Windows.

Both dont seem to be able to Preview files on the mounted Drive.


We were unable to reproduce the issue.
As a test, we installed Copytrans HEIC on a Windows 11 PC, restarted Windows, and preview of HEIC images in a mounted folder worked.
We used the Windows Photo Viewer and IrfanView apps to open HEIC files for preview.

Have you tried clearing the app cache in Settings?


Thanks for your swift analysis!
I can open the files in Irfanview or windows photos as well.
What does not work - at least for me - is the thumbnail preview within windows file explorer.

Have you tried that as well?
As soon as I copy a picture that does not show a thumbnail to a local drive, the thumbnail appears.


As for the v2.72 mounted app, to see the .heic thumbnails, you can enable the “Download thumbnails and previews” option in the Settings. We don’t recommend doing this as it will require the images to fully download and may slow down your browsing experience.

But why then do I see a preview for jpg images while I have not turned on the option to download previews?

Can it not save the thumbnails locally and only download the fill picture upon opening?