Google photo upload

Hi all,

I have about 1T of photo in Google Photo and want to transfer to Icedrive. Is there any script /app can do it automatically. Thanks.


I went through this about 2 years ago and it was a nightmare. The only way is to use Google Takeout. The issue is for some reason they strip exif data from the photos leaving them an utter mess. They end up merging the exif data into these associated json files. What saved me was this $25 tool that reprocessed all of my images and fixed the exif data using the associated json files. It was $25 but it really made the process so much easier and it was worth the one time payment.

Hello everyone, I really appreciate to use this perfect little script from Mateusz Soszyński
(TheLastGimbus). A free alternative to MetadataFixer is this :

Please feel free to send tips for this person he is very talented !

I found this alternative on Reddit here : Reddit - Dive into anything