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Hi guys. Love what you do and loving being on the ride as a subscriber. Best move I ever made. I make use of both cloud storage areas being the encrypted and the “my IceDrive”. Obviously the encrypted area has the amazing bells and whistles we love IceDrive for but is there any security for the files stored in the “my IceDrive” file? If that makes sense.

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Hi @DriveMan1 Data you upload to “My Icedrive” is encrypted in-transit (TLS/SSL) and at rest (disk partition encryption). Our system can read this data to create thumbnails / previews, but our employees do not have access to it.


Tom, is the restriction also extended to developers given they often have or can request access to data to maintain the system?

@Mwyarm The restriction is employee wide which includes the developers.

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Cheers @Tom IceDrive is awesome and that’s the icing on a perfect cake. Keep up the great work

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For added piece of mind Mwyarm, as our content & files will be in plain text I use Crytomator which I connect through the WebDav protocol :wink: Hope that helps :facepunch:t5:

Good to know I am not the only one using Cryptomator for many of my large data sets. However, my files are stored locally and I allow the Icedrive desktop application to synch the content to the cloud. Thanks

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When using someone else hard drive, you cannot go wrong with cryptomator been using it for over a decade, ‘Boxcryptor’ couldn’t even convert me :rofl: nothing personal IceDrive :face_with_hand_over_mouth: As I myself am a paying subscriber :wink:
Love the work you do, especially based out of Wales and not a typical silicon valley company, and patiently waiting to see what’s on other in the future.
Keep up the good work :facepunch:t5:


Hello Tom, a new user here, and i appreciate the respect for user’s privacy, I’m just curious, are there any plans on making everything encrypted with zero knowledge by default? If not, will there in the near future be possible to create previews or shared links for the encrypted storage files?
Also It would be amazing if it is possible of course, to move files and folders from the icedrive default storage to the encrypted and vice versa, and not having to download huge folders and reupload, 'cause it would literally take days if not weeks…
Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!!!