FreeFileSync Error WorkAround


IceDrive Windows App 2.75
Windows 11


I already read some posts regerding FreeFileSync, but never an answer by IceDrive Team.
The IceDrive sync mechanism for sure is perfect, but I want to have full control on what I m mirroring in the cloud. That s because I want to use a complete (full featured) file sync tool and not the internal one.

The problem seems to be quite simple:

  1. FreeFileSync (and I suppose other tools too) works creating temp files and as soon the transfer is completed, it renames them.
  2. IceDrive starts to sync the temp file and locks it
  3. At this point FreeFileSync rises an error

It should be enough to control by IceDrive setting a sort of include / exclude file patterns.
With this setting, for example, temp files can be excluded from the IceDrive sync process so the external tool can complete the activity. As soon as the file is renamed because ready, IceDrive will be able to sync it.

@IceDrive: could you tell us if you intrested to solve the problem?
I m evaluating your product, but if no solution to this problem, honestly I will start to evaluate others.

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It’s difficult to comment on FreeFileSync as it is a third party program and so have no control over how our sync feature will interact with it. However, you can exclude files/folders from our sync via the following;

You can exclude a folder from syncing by creating an empty file named “.icedriveignore” inside this folder.
As a result, this folder will not be uploaded or downloaded.
You can create this file in both local and remote folders - the result will be the same.

You can exclude a file from syncing (which means no upload or download) if you create a file named “.icedriveignore.[filename]” in the same folder as the target file.
For instance, to exclude “textfile.txt” from syncing, create an empty file named “.icedriveignore.textfile.txt” in the same folder.