Free 10gb cloud store can't encrypt

A privacy issue is founded by me while using the Ice drive cloud storage application. The problem is that the free 10GB cloud storage provided by the company is not encrypted. I am not allowed to encrypt the file which I have saved in their system. Providing consumers with free cloud storage without ensuring proper security and privacy for customer’s information is like giving a person a lock and key, and you have the master key.

Hey @Tamil welcome to the community! Zero-knowledge encryption services are generally an added extra service which is paid for in addition to a premium plan with most companies. For example, if you purchase a plan via Pcloud, it is an extra charge on top to acquire their zero-knowledge encryption service. It is included for free on all paid plans via Icedrive. Hope this helps.

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hi… I wanted to clarify something, if that’s alright.
does this mean that the free icedrive plan has no kind of encryption at all?
or does it have some other, non-client-side encryption?

Data you upload to a normal area is encrypted in-transit (TLS/SSL) and at rest (disk partition encryption). Our system can read this data to create thumbnails / previews. Our employees do not have access to it.

Data you upload to Encrypted area is encrypted on your device (zero-knowledge encryption), then is transferred to the cloud in encrypted form (we use SSL/TLS so its double encrypted in-transit) and stored on an encrypted disk partition.

thanks for the answer.
I was just initially thinking that the free plan has the same kind of encryption, and upon randomly learning that it doesn’t, I was wondering whether that kind of plan is still secure and private, or how secure and private it is (which is very difficult to tell as a casual user with no knowledge on the topic). I was also wondering if the free plan still uses the twofish algorithm.

Yes, all our encryption uses the TwoFish encryption algorithm.