Forced synchronisation

How can I force the synchronisation?


Hey @wilfrid welcome to the community. Sync is currently only initialised by setting your interval in the desktop client/drive mounted app on Windows. A manual sync function however is a good idea so I’ll pass your feedback onto our dev team for consideration in a future update.

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Thanks for the answer, it would indeed be a good idea, especially as the set synchronisation interval is not always respected.


I have recommeded a “Synch Now” button on the windows client for over a year ago. I suggested the button should be listed beside each sync pair so if you only want to synch a single pair. In addition, i suggested a synch now at the overall levell so a user can decide to synch all pairs. It has bever been implemented and continues to be ignored.

How do we prioritize a simple request that has been in the quue for over a year?


Any update on where we are with this option. I would also like to see this feature at the pair level and the global level.


I am recent paid Icedrive user, and I am really enjoying the service. I also think a manual sync function would be a good idea! Sometimes you need to immediately sync an item in order to see it in another location. For me it kind of acts as an alternate method of file transferring.

For example, I may need a file to go from my PC to my tablet, but do not have a way to connect it physically to my PC. If I could immediately sync that file with Icedrive, and then using the Icedrive app on my tablet I can then download the file from there onto the tablet. I know it seems a little strange, but I have been in that scenario many times in my life.

I am aware of the 1 minute synchronization interval, but sometimes I would rather sync things manually then have Icedrive check every minute for changes that I know didn’t happen.

We’re actually in the process of redeveloping our sync app and are looking to change the sync method entirely so it’ll instantly detect and react to changes in the synced folders negating the need for a sync now button.