Folders lost when upload with portable app

Again, i try to transfer my data (on my P: pcloud drive, to my new I: Icedrive)

I launch Icedrive Portable app, I am on “My Icedrive” root

I click the “Upload” button and I select “Folders”
I select my “Photo” folder (60k files, 5k folders)
After the copy i look at “Properties” of the “photo” folder on both sides to see if the copies has been well executed.
The number of files is the same (good)
The number of folders is not the same (less folders on Icedrive).
→ I lost 144 folders

After investigation, I have the impression that the upload did not send the empty folders.
I need these empty folders, I will have to recreate everything by hand.
Normal operation should be to copy everything, including empty folders.

Requirements: Windows 10 pro French, Icedrive_Portable_Win_x64-2.0

Hi @Arnaldo

Cloud to cloud migration is not really possible unfortunately so you would need to download them from pcloud first then upload them to icedrive. Our development team are considering this for the future.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.