Folders / files Names Issue with accents inside encrypted folder, with portable app

One more bug

I launch the portable application, I go to “Encrypted”

All the names of my directories that have accents have display errors.
The names of all my files too

→ "“problèmes” is displayed “problèmes”
→ “Développement” is displayed “Développement”

I don’t dare to use the portable application there, I’m afraid to touch my files and corrupt them!

I think that the files that are present in this folder were sent / created via the “i” drive (windows explorer).
Folders and files with accents display correctly in explorer (I drive)

With the website, everything is ok too.

Configuration: Windows 10 64bit French, portable Icedrive 64bit 2.0

EDIT : if i upload files to “Encrypted” folder with portable app, instead of with IceDrive (I:), the files appears correctly with accents when i navigate with portable app