Folder Syncing Intervals

Are folder-independent syncing intervals on the roadmap? It would be nice to move more control over how often a folder is polled for changes, especially if not all folder syncs require frequent change polling.

Hey @n8chavez you can change your sync/scan frequency via your settings in the desktop client.

I know that. The problem is there is one setting that dictates the polling frequency for all syncs. Each should have there own.

Hey @n8chavez thanks for the feedback. I’ll pass this onto our dev team for consideration in a future update.

Agree, I have suggested over the past 1+ year that their should be settings at the Pair and settings at a Global Level. Global settings are set at initial setup and would apply to any new Pair - meaning the pair would inherit the Global setting when first established. However, if that particular pair settings does not meet your need you then change the pair setting to perform as you wish. You can do the same for other Pairs. In this model, each pair has the capability for its own setting as any changes to the pair settings overrides the Global setting. If there are no changes to the Pair settings then the Global settings apply.

Development for some reason has not moved forward on this suggestion but Chris possibly you can push the envelope and tell them “get it done!.” We are all different users with different needs so the application has to mature with their client base and I think the time has come.

Development can go back to my write up over a year ago where I outlined all the features and functions and how it can work to give all of the flexibility we need without the desktop application making assumptions of what the client needs.

Also, I tried to set up the various situations with different sync pairs (i.e. some sync every 10 minutes, others every 20 minutes, etc.) and I found there is a fixed value of how many pairs you can have. That should be removed or set to some insane value that no one would ever use.

Chris, what influence do you have?

What’s the maximum amount of sync pairs you can have?

Hey @AlphaLion you can currently create 15 separate sync pairs via our paid plans.

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