First Year Susbscription Almost Over

In January my first year using a 1TB annual Ice Drive plan will lapse, I shall be renewing it!

Ice Drive has made such a big difference to my online experience, this is conjoined with my upgrade to 4G+ that I use while at work to boost speeds.

My 3 YouTube Channels are also eating into the amount of storage I use, i’m on 46% usage, so another 1TB will be on the cards again.

The other half is interested in a 1TB account too, is there an option to add her to my account to her own private folder that only she can use?

Or is there a discount to add another user/family member?

Hey @TheROVER thank you for the kind feedback! We don’t have multi-user family accounts available just yet unfortunately however is something we’re looking to explore for future implementation.

Effectivement cela pourrait être intéressant! Un volume global que l’on pourrait en famille. partager