Files from my encrypted folder? Where?

I am downloading files from my encrypted folder to my iPad, but I cannot find the files in my files app.
I read the documentation, but even after hours no decrypted files.

The question, what am I missing? If you can help please advise.

Hey @Traveller1 welcome to the community! Could you submit a support ticket via Login - Icedrive and a member of our dev team will be able to assist you with this?

@Traveller1 :smiley: When you say ‘Files App’ Which part of the ‘Files Apps’ folder structure are you looking at? The chances are your probably not looking in your 'On My iPad folder (not to insult your intelligence) :blush: IceDrive creates a sub folder within the ‘On My iPad’ folder which is where your downloaded file should be located :wink:. I’ve just tried re-creating your senario and it works absolutely fine. :smiley:
Hope this helps :smiley:

Thanks everyone for your assistance. I solved the problem by restarting and re-installing the software on my iPad. This solved several problems I had.

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