File sync delays

Hi. I have been using Icedrive for quite sometime now. And recently for the past few days I have a huge problem in my file sync in the desktop Icedrive. I am pasting the files in the drive however when I open the folder to check the files, it’s not available at all. Is it just for me or is someone facing similar issues? I am literally tired of exporting the same files over & over again.

Are you referring to a specific sync pair that you have created via the drive app or do you mean that you have copied a file to your cloud folder and the file does not appear there? Have you checked the transfers tab in the desktop client to see if the file is still uploading?

Its the sync pair in drive app which is mounted to the desktop drives. If I try to transfer any files from any platform its not loading in the drive. And if I use any word documents in the drive and try to update it, the updated file is not loaded there. It still shows the old file.

Also I tried to unmount the drive so that I can mount it again, it showed that there is transfer in progress. But nothing is transferred.

Thanks, if you encounter issues such as this we advise that you submit a support ticket via Login - Icedrive and attach the drive app log so that we can take a look at what may be happening in the background to cause this issue. You can access the drive app log via the following pathway;


Have you confirmed that you haven’t exceeded IceDrive’s unpublished file limit? Last I heard, it was 100,000 files per sync pair. If you exceed the unpublished limit, your sync won’t work but you will never get an error message telling you that you have exceeded the limit.

The limit on a single sync pair is currently 150,000 items per sync pair.