File sharing link leaked

I recently had shared folder access to a friend for some private data using public access link. I had used a relatively simple password just in case. However I found later today that the link has been made publicly available on a social media platform along with the password used.

Can someone help clarify on this issue, why was the link made publicly available?

As far as I know, both me and my friend have not shared the link nor password outside of our chats. I have cutoff access public access but I’m still distraught over data leak

Dear Tyo,

Our employees never share or disclose public links generated by customers.

Please provide more details on the issue.
What messengers do you and your friend use?
On what social network was the link published? Do you know the person who did this?

You can submit a ticket at if you do not wish to publicly disclose these details.

I assume that the cause of this potentially very alarming case has been reduced to a cause beyond icedrive?

Hi polar, yes I believe the link might have been stolen from direct messages
Though I’m still surprised this incident has even occurred