File downloading partially from encrypted storage

A file of size 401 mb partially downloads from encrypted storage. File property clearly shows its a 401 size file but only 192 mb downloads from desktop app and the mp4 file doesnt play. From mobile app if inclick download it starts 15 downloads and finally a 0 byte size file downloads.

Hi @sr3, welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face:

Previewing files within the encrypted area is limited due to the way our encryption method works.

For files smaller than 200MB, a partial download allows for previewing. However, for larger files, exceeding 200MB, it would need to be fully downloaded to enable viewing.

Our dev team are currently looking at ways to improve this feature.

Please read my question again. Not trying to preview. A 402mb file is partially downloading. Sometimes 198 mb sometimes 201 mb and stops leaving a corrupted downloaded file.


Apologies for the misunderstanding. Would you be able to submit a support ticket about the issue here so that our technical team can investigate this issue further?

If you are using the desktop app, could you please also attach the app log to the ticket, this will help our team identify the issue.

You can find the app log via the following pathway: