File Creation / Modified Dates

A client recently signing up on my recommendation asked “why all the dates are ‘lost’?” - apparently the dates are really useful to them.

I think they meant the creation dates. Did I miss something in setting up the cloud sync?

I guess both the creation and modify dates are the first time the file is created in Icedrive.

No way to keep one for original file date is there?

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These are files synced by a Synology NAS using ‘Cloud Sync’ / WebDav - they take on the date time of creation on Icedrive.

Perhaps I am barking up the wrong tree!

Thank you for the additional information. It is the third party application that you’re using to upload via WebDAV that must provide the file timestamps. It’s likely that this information is not being supplied upon upload. You would need to contact Synology directly as this is something we cannot control unfortunately.

Hi cpcnw, unfortunately if you go to Cloud Sync or this link directly and scroll all of the way to the bottom you will find WebDav does not support last modified time. Why in the world an application would take that approach is behind me. Possibly, it is the print.

However, Icedrive needs to establish a relationship with key NAS providers (i.e. synology) and get added to the list of supported providers. That is in Icedrive’s hands to support this community. Other key providers have done so.

Otherwise, WebDav is useles if you use Cloud Synch. Possibly there is another container app. I suggest posting on the Synology NAS forum. Others have complained.

Thanks for the reply Mwyarm - funny because I never expected this outcome and I just expected it to work.

So this looks like it’s a shortcoming of Synology’s Cloud Sync software, not just an inherent lack in the mechanisms of WebDav?

Got an even bigger problem now…