File attributes are being lost when copied to the mounted Icedrive drive

I have the following problem: when copying a directory from Windows, which contains some files with hidden or read-only attributes, to the mounted Icedrive virtual drive, the files lose these attributes and appear completely visible on the mounted Icedrive drive, and if you select some of those files and right-click to view their properties, you see that the Hidden and Read-only attributes are no longer selected.

That is, information about the source files is being lost in the process, since when these files are later copied from the Icedrive to a local folder, the files will no longer have any of those attributes set, since they have already been lost on the first copy to the Icedrive drive, and therefore is not a true copy of the source information.

This does not happen, for example, in Tresorit, where the virtual drive of that application also uses an exFAT file system, just like Icedrive, but they do preserve these attributes in the files.

I can understand that since the Icedrive virtual drive is in exFAT format, file information such as the ACL (Access Control List) is lost, since this information requires that the file system type be NTFS, but what I cannot do is understand is that these simple attributes are lost when they do exist in the exFAT file system, so they should be preserved when copied to the Icedrive virtual drive, and as I say, Tresorit is doing it and they also use a exFAT type virtual drive like you.

OK, I have verified in the rest of the applications (pCloud, Tresorit and Proton Drive) that although in some of them, when copying to the virtual drive it respects the attributes, then when downloading it from the cloud the attributes have been lost (I imagine because the storage servers will be using Linux operating systems with ext4, Btfrs or XFS partitions, which do not support these Windows attributes).

So OK, I have to accept that, unfortunately, this information is being lost in all applications and in the end the copy is not a 100% identical backup, but it is what there is right now…

Youre looking at it as if the cloud is also some kind of drive / file system when in reality it’s not - it’s simply a blob storage in most cases - for the file itself, with various attributes being stored separately (which is the case for file systems too)