File allocation in Icedrive

I’m using Icedrive as a mapped drive on Windows.

How is file allocation done? That is, if I have thousands of small (say, 100 byte) files, how much space are they taking? 100 bytes each? 4K each? Any way to find out?

If the file properties are not visibly available via the drive app you can actually check in the web app via browser by right clicking the folder/file in question and going to properties.

The file properties on both the drive and web page show the correct size, say 100 bytes. My question is how much space that takes on disk.

On Windows, for example, right clicking a file will show that it’s 100 bytes but the size on disk is 4 KB because that’s the allocation unit size. So 1,000 100-byte files will have about 100 KB of data but will take 4,000 KB on disk since each file takes 4 KB on disk.

Is there anything analogous on Icedrive? How quickly will I use up disk if I have a ton of small files?

We don’t work like that, in that we don’t have “allocation units”. If a file is 100 bytes - it’ll take up 100 bytes of user quota.

Cool, thanks for the info!

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