Feedback web app/Android/Windows

I bought a lifetime plan so I thought I’d better invest some time in giving feedback.

Feature requests:

  • Implement ‘Request files’ in the Android app and mobile web app. To request a file on mobile, I currently have to swap to ‘Desktop page’ in the Android browser but then it’s not responsive and fitted for mobile.
  • Please use the same interface for Android and the web app, e.g. add the Collaborate tab with the public links overview, etc. in the Android app
  • On Android and mobile web app, please allow dragging the side scrollbar down. For folders with lots of files, I currently need to swipe up 20 times to get to the bottom.
  • A duplicate/copy-paste feature for files/folders on all apps
  • A pause sync on the Windows app
  • A sync now on the Windows app
  • Transfer history and detailed actions history (rename, delete, etc) on all the apps. “Recent” on the web app only shows recently added items, based on file timestamp. I would like to see which files were changed from which device at what time etc.
  • It would be nice if the app would remember your scroll position when you go back to the previous folder. This makes navigating your folders a lot easier if you have lots of files/folders.
  • An easier way to share folders. Instead of having to create a public link and then request files, I would like to see an option to do that in one action. I expected ‘Sharing options’ → ‘Editor’ to do that but that doesn’t work that way for people without IceDrive (so barely anyone).
  • More granular controls over notifications. I don’t need an email if someone uploads a file, but I would like to see a notification in-app. Giving the user the option to select what type of notification they want to receive where (app/email/etc) is fairly straightforward.

Small stuff:

  • “Stop sync” in the Windows app means to delete the sync pair, not stop the sync.
  • On the Android app the delete action is called ‘Trash’ but on the web app it’s called ‘Delete’. Delete is much easier to understand since Trash could be a shortcut to go to the trash bin.
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Hey @TinTin thanks for the detailed feedback! I’ll make sure our dev team take a look at your comments for consideration in future updates.