Fast scrolling in folders and timeline view of photos/videos

Hi there, I have bought the lifetime Icedrive storage and I like many things except viewing old photos and videos on Android.

What I mean is that, currently, the Icedrive app allows sorting files based on date, but when I want to scroll fast to a certain point in time or the last photos in my folder I can’t.
Not sure why, but I can’t place my finger on the right of my screen to a place where the scroller should go.
This makes viewing old photos, videos, or generally any files really inconvenient because I have to scroll through the content of the whole folder in order to get to the end.

What I recommend and hope can be implemented:

  1. a way to scroll fast through the files in the folder. Give me the option to control the scroller position fast with a finger and not just by swiping down.
  2. it will be aweeeesome if you add something similar to what pCloud has on their Android app:

Hey @Devmapall thanks for the feedback. Your suggestion has been forwarded to our dev team to consider for future updates.