Exclude specific files and folder from sync

I want to use IceDrive to sync some dev projects, however these contain projects contain huge subfolders called node_modules that I don’t need to syn, I also have some individual files that don’t need to sync either e.g. .gitignore. How can I achieve this? There’s no documentation on the site about exclusions.

Hey @fabri4c you can exclude a folder from syncing by creating an empty file named “.icedriveignore” inside this folder.
As a result, this folder will not be uploaded or downloaded.
You can create this file in both local and remote folders - the result will be the same.

You can exclude a file from syncing (which means no upload or download) if you create a file named “.icedriveignore.[filename]” in the same folder as the target file.
For instance, to exclude “textfile.txt” from syncing, create an empty file named “.icedriveignore.textfile.txt” in the same folder.

Hello Chris, thank you for your quick answer. I’ve been using pCloud for a while and they implemented an “exclusions” global option from the settings, which is something very convenient. It would be great if you guys could do something similar in the future instead of manually putting the ignore file in every folder or file that you want to exclude.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll mention this to the dev team as we’re actually re-building the sync feature from the ground up to go with our new drive app which is currently in beta.

I’m glad I found this information

But is this information mentioned in any FAQ or something like it?

I seem to have searched for it before and have only found this now

Otherwise got nothing bad to point out about icedrive :slight_smile: